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#TRENDSETTERS| One Day Trip to Thirunelli Maha Vishnu Temple| Tholpetty| Iruppu Falls| Makkoottam Ghats| 250 Kms

Fixing a place for a weekend trip is always a big task because a lot of places, the priority of group members interest and the time always give some trouble. Just imagine, your heart picks up a fantastic spot for you and after the trip, you feel that, that was one of the greatest trip you made in your life...! It's my experience, let your heart to pick up a place for your next trip, stick on the decision, you will be the happiest person at the end. Remember, only your heart knows, what your body wants...!

This trip, happened in last October (2014), was actually planned by my father, one year before. But we couldn't find out a better time to go. Within these 1 year I planned nearly 3 trips, Ootty, Kodaikanal and Trivandrum. Nothing happened. But one day, when I was on a busy schedule at work, and when my body deeply wished to take an off from all these technical pressures, a weekend with extra 2 days leave for Durga Pooja came. And there was no second thought for me, I informed my parents make the car ready we are going for the trip. And only one name was there in my mind, Thirunelli Temple.

As in my previous posts on Wayanadu, I already quoted, I always like to drive through Paalchuram, and I never fed up going to Wayanadu. Each trips gave me something special or a new experience. This trip too...! As per the plan, we need to start at the early morning, but as always I delayed the trip. And nearly at 7.30 am only, we could start our trip; with our trusted companion Alto. Route map is as given below.

Actual Plan: Nayattupara ( My Home) - Irikkur- Iritty - Peravoor - Kottiyoor - Palchuram - Boys Town- Manathavady - Thirunelli Temple ( Same route in return too- expected to be)

Return: Thriunelli Temple- Tholpetty Wildlife sanctuary- Kutta- Iruppu Falls- Kutta- Gonikkoppal- Makkootam Ghats- Koottupuzha- Iritty- Irikkur- Nayattupara (My Home)

For detailed Route map: Click Here

I had driven through the same route two or three times, thus very much familiar about the roads and the hotels to take snacks and food. Our prime requirement was to reach the temple before 10 o'clock, so that we can get darshan. Otherwise we may need to wait, because there is some Pooja at that time.

With some devotional songs on the background we flied through Paalchuram and greenery of Wayanadu. Before starting the ghat section we always take a stop at a snacks shop there, this time also. We had some local food and strong tea. What we missed this time is the deep fog. Last time we started very early, and with headlights and fog lamps on, it was very difficult to see the road. But this time, we were late, and we missed that beauty. Whenever I turned each curve I was expecting the mist to come to my windshield. Still the cool wind and the surrounding greenery of tea plantations on both sides of the road upto Mananthavady, gave us a journey with pleasure.

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After Manathavady the scenario changes, the ground level greenery give way to large trees, "yes, there the forest area starts...". Little bit curvy roads and thick forest never make you bored. Most of the time one can see monkeys enjoying on the road and on the side trees. While taking short break to see the monkeys, please don't forget, never share any food particles with the monkeys, they may attack. Also, take care of the children, if they are going out of the vehicle.

After a small drive through the forest, road starts dividing, a 'Y' junction. Right turn will lead you to Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary. And the left turn is the famous Thirunelli Temple, where the nature meets the divinity...! And was our first pick.

Thirunelli Temple is one of the most ancient temples in Kerala. This temple is considered to be the unique temple which is blessed by the Trinities, Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva.Surrounded by greenery and calmness of Brahmagiri Hills, this temple is the only temple where people can offer their prayers to their forefathers.

We reached the parking area near to 9.45 am. All of a sudden we parked the car and went for darshan. We offered our prayers and we got good darshan too. It's really a great feeling when you see the God sits in the middle of a forest with all its proud, beauty and calm. You will forget everything, you will be energized with each moment you stay there.I didn't spend that much time to see the beauty of the scriptures that was done on the walls of the temple, being I had visited the temple more than three times. If you are going for the first time, spend some time to see the walls of the temple, which is made of Rocks and fully decorated with sculptures.

Now, after offering our prayers and spending some time there, we started walking towards the Papanashini. The main attraction is, the temple still uses the pure water from the forest, by guiding the stream towards the temple. One can see that, and can experience the coolness and taste of pure water there.

Papanashini is a small river that starts it's journey from the Brhmagiri Hills and then joins to River Kalindi. It's believed that Papanashini river has got the power of washing out all the sins, from Lord Vishnu. Also it is believed that, this was happened after Lord Brahma put Lord Vishnu's Idol nearby this river, and is the Thirunelli Temple. The water of this river is always very much cool, and one will feel chilled when it touches your body. One can think, the coolness itself is more than enough to wash out all your sins...! As already said, another important thing here is The Holy Rock, where people can offers their prayers and offerings to their forefathers there. Also, another attraction is, a Temple inside a cave. Its a Lord Shiva Temple.

After this short walk through the forest it is time to return. Mind got calm feeling, and now you start feeling little bit hungry. There you can see a small vegetarian hotel, we used to take break fast from there itself. Also you can go for small purchase there itself, all products will be of good quality.

Now, it is time to return. After having some Poori and Strong Coffee, we went to our little hero who was waiting outside. It is very hot inside the car, AC was trying very hard to cool the body. Whenever we go to Thirunelli, we usually go to Tholpetty Wild Life Sanctuary area too. If luck is there, we can see some animals there. But that day, it was just a drive through the forest greenery, what we could see was some monkeys and some cows. In Tholpetty, one can go for wild life safari with prepaid taxis and guides. But they will do it in the morning and in the evening only. We just walked, enjoyed some fruits and thus spent some time there. Suddenly, a spark came to my mind, usually we return from there through the same route we drove in the morning. This time my father asked me which is the other route. I know it is to Kutta. But just for confirmation we asked the Forest Warden there. He was a nice guy, he explained, "better you people go through this route, this will lead you to Gonikkoppal. Also, after 25 Kms you can see Iruppu Falls too."

That was great idea given by that warden, Thanks to him, we started our journey. We were having some fruits with us, because I was not sure, whether we will get any food on the way. As per the Google Maps I drove and reached the next destination. Road was good upto Kutta, after Kutta it was just like village road. You have to drive through some rough roads that too little bit inside from the highway. May be nearly for 3 or 4 Kms. From there one have to walk for nearly 1 and half kms to reach the falls.

The walk was little bit tough in the sun facing you directly, but still its just for 5 minutes. There is a Hanging Bridge on the way and you can see some small streams on the way. After the hanging bridge, steps starts. Long way to the top. Be careful while stepping up. But all these effort won't go in vein, on the top, a Mindblowing scenery awaits you, Iruppu Falls...! Actually, I was thinking a lot about how to explain the beauty in words, but I think the beauty I saw there cannot be explained by words. I need to attach some photographs, that can explain the beauty better than any.
Spending some time there with the beauty of nature and the milky 3 step waterfalls, it was time for us to leave. We took a lot of photographs there and is a great area for one who is trying natural photography. It is time for us to move back, took the car and flew through the Highways. From Gonikkoppal at nealry 4 o'clock we took our lunch, and then straight to Makkoottam Ghats. This ghat road is also a regular route for me, I tried this road many times. But for the first time, I saw a beautiful lake at the starting of the Ghat Road. We took a stop there and was really a great scenery. 

As time goes to night we need to be in hurry, and the headlights were switched on to show me the way and it was the way back to home, and there ends a great trip; that cannot be forgotten in a life time...!

For those who are coming from longer distance I will update the post with Stay and other facilities soon.

Click Here to know more about Hotels & Stay @ Thirunelli

Note: The photos above shown are took by the writer, and those cannot be reused without prior permission from the writer.


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