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Kasargod| Kannur| Iritty to Bangalore| Makkootam Ghat Road| Best Route with Map| Road Trip| Hotels| Accomadation

Again another travelogue of my trip to Bangalore, but this time from Kannur. Actually this is not a travelogue, but a route explanation. Literally saying there are nearly 5 or 6 routes to Bangalore from Kannur. But my aim is to introduce a shortest route with good road conditions and less traffic. For that only I chose the Makkoottam Ghat/churam road. First we will discuss about this Route, how to go and what all are there to see en route. Then I will brief about the other routes which can also give your eyes a feast en route...!

Route: Kannur- Iritty- Koottupuzha Bridge- Makkoottam Churam (Ghat Road)- Virajpeta Road- Mysore- Bangalore (310 Kms).

It is the shortest route to Bangalore. This will take nearly 7 and a half to 8 Hrs drive to cover this distance (whatever car you are driving). Even I took nearly 11 Hrs to cover this in my Alto.

To help every viewers, I am starting this trip from Kannur Town. First we need to reach a place named Mele Chovva. This place is just 4 or 5 kms away from Kannur Town, en-route toThalassery. From there take a left turn towards the Mattannur road (SH). Go straight to reach Iritty. From Kannur it will take nearly 1.15 hrs to cover this 40kms stretch, because of heavy traffic in town. But after Mele Chovva, the 23 kms to Mattannur is a less traffic road, and is in good condition.

Iritty is a less traffic but large town. One can find many hotels for refreshments there. ATM and hospital facilities are also available there. Iritty is having one of the most ancient bridges built by British's. After crossing this bridge turn towards right, and now one will be at Thalassery-Coorg Highway.

Now head towards the Koottupuzha Bridge, which is the border for Kerala and Karnataka. This bridge is nearly 13 kms away from Iritty. It is a small bridge with one end in Kerala and the other end in Karnataka. After crossing this bridge, the journey is through a forest like area.

Makkoottam Churam or Makkoottam ghat road starts from here. This one is, one of the most beautiful ghat roads towards Bangalore. Always take care of the speeding heavy vehicles coming down and always expect a speeding crazy car in wrong side at the heavy curves. One can take regular stops to enjoy the beauty of wildlife and to capture some extra ordinary snaps.

After 21 kms through this ghat one can see a lake on the left side, after that a check post. From that check post, the road will divide into two, and both road will lead you to Mysore. But the left turn lead you to Virajpeta Town first, which will give you an extra 30kms drive and time loss. So better take the right turn. When I was going, the road was not in a good condition. This 12kms stretch will lead you to the Virajpeta-Mysore SH.

Now head towards the Hunsur Road for nealy 75 kms. After that one can see a Atomic Energy Junior college at the right side of the highway. After 1 km the road will split into two, a 'Y' junction. Take the left road, towards KRS Road. The other road shows Hunsur Road, but don't take that. That will lead you to the Ring Road Mysore and its heavy traffic.

But the KRS Road avoids all these traffic problems and is the shortest route too...! Now stick on the same route upto Bangalore, the sign boards on the sides will give you more courage to press your accelerator more, and is a best road to cruise through. But remember safety first. Many humps are placed to stop such cruisings and are little bit large too. So take care at humps, otherwise expenditure on your vehicle will increase.

Always plan your trip, in such a way that you will reach Bangalore after 9 pm or before 8 am. Otherwise you will be stuck at heavy traffic.

Know your vehicle well, that will help you at the heavy bumper to bumper traffic in Bangalore. One expect bikes and autos at anytime on your either side.

Route Map for this Route:

If you are coming from the Kasargode area, no need to go to Kannur. you can choose the route
Kasargode- Thalipparamba- Srikandapuram- Irikkur- Iritty- Kootupuzha
[ Here, don't enter into the Iritty bridge, go straight to the Koottupuzha road.]

Route map:

View Larger Map  
Those who are coming from Thalassery side choose this route:



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