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How to go to Bangaluru| Bangalore from Kozhikode via Wayanadu| Different Ghat roads to cover| Forest road| Thamarassery| Vazhikkadavu ghats| Bandipur| Mudumalai| Muthanga sanctuary| route map

Route: Kozhikode- Thamarassery- Adivaram- Vythiri- Sulthan Bathery- Muthanga- Bandipur national Park- Gudalpet- Mysore (210 Kms)
Return: Mysore- Gundalpet- Bandipur- Mudumalai national Park- Gudalur- Nilambur- kozhikode (225 Kms)

It was a sudden decision to go to Bangaluru (Bangalore) with my friend in his car. When he had asked about that trip, I didn't have any second thought, I agreed that trip. Because, I have traveled through many Ghat roads except the beautiful Thamarassery Ghat roads and I always wanted to see the feast by Muthanga Wild Life Sanctuary and Bandipur National Park.

Thus the trip was organized, and I was requested to join with my friend at Kozhikkode, being I am from Kannur. Just 3 days before I went to Bangalore from Kannur via Makkoottam Churam Road ( Makkoottam Ghat Road). I'll update the details later.

Actually we started at 11.30 am (Friday)from Kozhikkode Mophusil Bus stand and I was the driver too. For reducing the post length here I am discussing only about the Kozhikkode- Mysuru Route. 

The whole trip (ie from Kozhikode to Mysuru and in return) covers nearly 440 kms and will take nearly 10.30 hrs time to complete. It includes refreshments and small small stops, but no long stops.

From Kozhikode to Thamarassery, nearly 29 kms is there. Then to Adivaram, where the famous Thamarassery Ghat road starts, just 15 kms. After that ghat road starts. Take a small stop at Adivaram, and take a look at the top hill and start the journey. The ghat road is for just 20kms and literally upto Vythiri junction. According to the traffic in the ghat road one will take 30 minutes to 1 hour to cover this distance.

Keep in mind: Always take care while driving; expect heavy vehicles at any time. Give way for the loaded heavy vehicles. Apply brakes in curves and sharp turns, down the gears then go. NEVER TRY TO COVER THE CURVES IN SAME APPROACH GEARS AND SPEED

The next town is Sulthan Bathery and is just 37 Kms away from Vythiri. From there take the Bangalore-Mysore-Kollegal Highway (NH 766) and follow the route. On this route one will pass through Muthanga Wildlife Santuary and Bandipur National Park. Muthanga is just 15 kms away from Sulthan Bathery. A check post will be there. Take care about the humps in the Forest area. If interested take some good snaps of forest. But remember never stop your vehicle for more than 5 minutes. Warning boards are there, can expect elephants at any time.

After 16-18 kms, will reach at Bandipur Chek post. The Check Post will be open only in the day time (6 AM - 9 PM). Remember about the timing. At Bandipur National Park, the Department is providing some Safaris. I am not sure about the current fee rate.

According to the forest department, NEVER TRY TO STOP IN THIS FOREST; just move your vehicle at a particular speed. Humps will come regularly, you can't go above 40 Kms/Hr. If you are fortunate (unfortunate) you can spot some wild animals too. In our trip we saw some wild elephants. DON"T USE HORNS, it will disturb the calm nature. 

Follow the coarse of the road. At the end of the forest, Bandipur entry check post will come, after that straight to Gudalpet (Gudlupet), then follow the same NH 766 to Mysuru for nearly 88 Kms.

Now the return trip: Upto Gundalpet the route is same. From Gundalpet, go straight to Coimbatore-Ootty-Gundalpet Highway (NH 181). Don't turn towards right, it is the old route, that is NH 766 towards Sulthan Bathery. Go straight through this road. The check post entrance will reach, the guards will give some warnings as I told already. Don't stop inside the forest, don't use vehicle horns, don't throw plastics inside.

[NOTE: No need to use this route. The Muthanga route we used for going towards Mysore is the shortest route, one can use that in return too... But to explore and enjoy the Vazhikkadavu Ghat Route and Mudumalai forest choose this route.]

Then straight to Gudallur. Follow the road straightly. Beware of Humps which comes regularly. After Bandipur national park, you will directly enter to the Mudumalai National Park. Then comes Gudalur, after 110 kms from Mysore. From Gudallur turn to Sulthan Bathery state highway SH 28. 

The 35 kms long vazhikkadavu Churam (Ghat Road) starts from here. Take care while driving. Many sharp turnings and U turns. Smaller and difficult road than the Thamarassery Ghat road. Also beware of the heavy loaded vehicles, use the head lights properly at turnings. 

Then head towards Nilambur, 21 kms from Vazhikkadavu town. Then to Kozhikkode, 62 kms.

The Google route map for the round trip is attached here 

View Larger Map

From Nokia Map: CLICK HERE

For the whole trip we used Nokia Map supported with GPS. BSNL got good coverage through out the route, so Nokia GPS works well for me...!

Now from Mysore to Bangalore follow the given route. Just follow the Mysore- Bangalore NH. To avoid the rush inside the Mysore city, use the Ring Road.

View Larger Map

We actually stayed at Bangalore @ Hotel Casablanca, its very near to the Forum Mall. We chose the new Bangalore-Mysore Express way to get into the Bangalore City. It avoids the heavy bumper to bumper traffic (courtesy: Bangalore people). To stay in this road take the deviation to Hosur Road or ask for the Electronic City/ Banarghatta Road/ Koramangala Road befor entering the city. A toll will be there, but that will save a lot of time and Diesel for you...!

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