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One day trip to Kanyakumari ( Cape Comerin)| KTDC Tour Package| Padmanabhapuram Palace| Museum| wax museum| Kanyakumari|

Kanyakumari (Cape Comerin)- the southern most tip of India. Actually this post is a travelogue of my trip, I had done before two weeks with my family. But I'm changing the usual travelogue set up to an explanation of what I had seen and what to see in Trivandrum- Kanyakumari trip.

Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum), the capital city of Kerala which is very much famous for many ancient monuments situated in this district and is considered as the academic hub of Kerala. This district is included in the list of 10 greenest cities in India, by a survey conducted by Times of India.
Now coming to the trip details, it is always good when we get a very good guide to guide us to all the places and to give very good explanations about the places where we are going. Also, it is really a tension relief if we get a person who know very well about the roads and traffic of the unfamiliar city for us. That is the reason we selected KTDC Kanyakumari tour Package at an affordable rate 700 Rs per head. They have got different tour packages in Trivandrum and many other cities. The reservation details will be given at the end of this post.

As already informed, we have to report our presence at the booking office before 7.45 am; then only they can start the trip at scheduled time 8 am. The initial information are given and our AC Tempo Traveler is ready for the trip. 

At sharp 8 the traveler starts the journey with 13 tourists and a guide. Being it is prime time, as expected we also got some good traffic blocks. Also we got a warm welcome from the guide, he verified our mobile numbers, which will help him to contact us for emergency. He gave us a brief description about the places, we are going to visit and he collected the extra charges (125 rs per head). 

At 9 am we crossed Kerala border. We lost nearly 10 minutes at the RTO check post of Kerala. The border name is Kaliakavilai. After 2 hours long journey, but not boring, we reached Padmanaabhapuram Palace at 10 am. We got good introduction about the palace before reaching there. From highway, when we reach a place named Thukaley, take a left and then a right to reach this palace. The guide gave us 40 minutes time to complete the palace, which is more than enough. We have to pay 10 rs for still cameras, and 5 rs for keeping your foot wears safe.

The Padmanabhapuram Palace got its name when the last ruled King of Travancore, King Marthaanda Varma dedicated the kingdom to his family deity Sree Padmanabha, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and ruled the kingdom as Padmanabha dasa or servant of Lord Padmanabha ( Courtesy: wikipedia). This palace is now situated in Thukaley town in Kanyakumari district, but under the Kerala archeological department. It is a very good example for the traditional Kerala architecture. The photos can explain a lot.

An archeological museum is also there, very near to the palace entrance ( Kavaadam). There we can see the old sculptures and the things used by the King's army. 

And at 10.50 am we reached back to the vehicle, the guide waited for us just before the entrance. Again the journey started. Next place to visit was Suchindram Temple. The temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma. The main attraction is the 135 feet tall Gopura (entrance), 18 feet tall Hanuman Statue and the single stone Pillars. the pillars and all other sculptures got great archeological values. We reached there at 11.30 am; Camera/ mobile phones are banned inside the temple. We spend nearly half an hour inside the temple. 

At 12 noon we started the journey to the wax museum. It took half an hour travel to reach there. We reached there at 12.30 pm and we have to pay 15 rs per camera there. the guide helped us to take the ticket and we entered the museum. Ms. Jayalalitha welcomed us in a green saree which is an exact replica. Micheal Jackson, Mohanlal, Ministers Sri. E.K Nayanar, Sri. K Karunakaran, Prime Minister Sri. Manmohan Singh, Actor Sri. Madhu, scientist Albert Einsteen, Singer Yesudas, Actor RajniKanth all were there. Really a very good experience and was a very good work too.

There we spend at least 15 minutes and the next place to go is Kanyakumari, which is just 10 minutes away from this wax museum. We reached Kanyakumari at 1pm and the guide explained about the plan, what to do there, and where to go, and how. Before leaving us to the Kanyakumari, he lead us to the dining hall of the Kerala Govt Guest house where KTDC arranged the Lunch for us. They arranged a Kerala style vegetarian food, which is included in the fee. If you need, you can order for non- vegetarian food also. But you have to pay individually. After that we were left at the shore of Kanyakumari.

Kanyakumari, as told already is the southern most tip of India. And is the meeting point of Indian Ocean, Arabic Ocean and the Bay of Bengal. The other main attractions of this place is the Vivekananda Rock situated in the Sea, a 135 Ft height Statue of Thriruvalluvar and the Kanyakumari Temple. The Gandhi Memorial and Kamaraj Memorial are the other attractions, but as explained by the guide, there is nothing to see inside, but only the building.
Now coming to the exciting boat journey through the Sea. We have to take tickets before going to the boat. One can experience a good rush here every time. At last we got tickets, next to wait for the boat. Good queue there too. Many tourists from many part of India in one queue, with different languages, different cultures, they are still keeping the decorum of the queue. We will get Life Jackets before entering the boat. A boat will host nearly 60 people in a single trip. Many volunteers are there to help us to enter the boat; we have to take care; never expect the sea to be like a LAKE. Within a short time of sea ride we will reach the Vivekananda Rock First. The wind is very strong there and the floor is very slippery. You have to watch your step carefully because the wind there is that much strong, which can even pull a 50 Kg person very easily. (I experienced it...!).

After taking the photos and experiencing the sea and the wind effects its time for another queue. We have to wait for our chance to get into another boat to the Thiruvalluvar statue. We can watch the statue from the Vivekanada Rock itself; so its your decision whether to step down there or not. Anyway we went there too. Again the wind strength is more there. We can experience the height of that 135 ft stone statue. It is really a marvel. After that, it is time to return to the shore. Wait for the boat and go to shore. At 4 pm the temple gets opened. We will get darsan at that time.

Now it is time for small purchasing. Many local shops are there; and you will get whatever you want...! After small small purchasing and having a tea and face wash we returned to the parking lot. There our guide was waiting for us. Now the time is 5.30pm. We started our journey back to Trivandrum. In between no stop, but we have to face Traffic jams time to time. So the return journey took nearly 3 and half hours and we reached Trivandrum at 9 pm. We gave thanks to the guide and the driver for their great helping and the support given by them.

Now it is time for Dinner now. After having a good dinner from Indian Coffee House, now it is time to say Good Bye to the Capital city of Kerala. With a mind of coming back to explore more the city and the beaches we entered the sleeper coach of Amruta Express...!

Want to know more about the places to visit in Trivandrum: Click Here

For the KTDC resrevation please contact KTDC offices in your district or area. Otherwise visit KTDC site

For more information contact: 
KTDC Tourist Reception Centre
Near Chaithram Hotel
Station Road, Thampanoor
Trivandrum - 695 001
Tel: +91-471-2330031

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The Route Map for the whole trip:

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