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Ooty trip in d'Zire-A night drive by 4 friends- Travelogue with full route map-places to see

It was really a sudden decision that we 5 are going for a trip 2 Munnar on the 4th Saturday of this month. The availability of mine was the only problem, because, I'm the only person in the group who is going daily to home. But without much problem me too agreed for the trip on the very last Wednesday. The preparations like where to stay and what to do are going on those two days.

But the real surprise was on Thursday morning. When i reached college, my friends told me that we 5 are going to Ooty on Saturday night. Again the same problem rise up, i need to inform about this to my home. But fortunately, there were no engagements on those days.

Next thing is to find out a vehicle for our travel. We five includes, me, Rahul, Ribin, Thomas and Jerry. The main attraction of that trip was, it was Ribin's 1st trip with us, and is going to be the last trip from our college for Jerry and Ribin. But finally, it was mine too. Anyway without more discussion, Rahul agreed to give his car, swift d'Zire, for our trip. Myself, Rahul and Jerry were the approved drivers, even though Rahul was added to the licensed group just 5 months before.

We started our trip with a 5 member group, from my home at 9pm. Actually we decided to start at 8 itself. But because of some problem with diesel we delayed... From the starting point I took the control of the wheel, being all others are not at all much familiar with the roads in my area. We took the route to Irikkur, just 4.5 km away from home. Then to Irity.

Actually we opted the route via Boys town through Palchuram, even though the road condition is not at all good and is in a very risky condition. The other option for us to select the route via Kuthuparamba, then to Boys Town via Nidumpoil.

Being the night travel through this route is risky one because we can expect elephant group or sometimes some wild animals. Being any of us are not at all experienced in facing such situation, we opted the other route. Also I had driven through the Palchuram many times and i know the nature of that road very well.

Now, for the readers, where to go and how to go? One can reach irity from kannur, Thalassery. The people coming from thalassery can really opt the route via Kuthuparamba. Others can choose the route, which we selected.

So from Irity drive straight to Kannur- Mattanur road. After 1km, one can see petrol pump on the left side of the road, if you are coming from the Iirity town side, also it is a T-junction. Take a sharp left from there to the Peravoor-Kotiyoor road. Or ask for anybody for the mananthavady road or Palchuram. People and late night hotels like road side ones will be working upto 12am or 1am.

The main towns on this route includes, irity, kakayangadu, peravur, kotiyoor, kelakam, then palchuram. The ghat road is actually for 6 kms, but it will take minimum 1 hr to cover the whole distance. This ghat road includes 5 hairpin bends, and the road is small in width. Expect heavy vehicles from top at any time. Its really an accident prone area.

We had a nice time in car, and when it reached kelakam rahul took the control of the wheels upto palchuram. Again, after that i took the charge. The other three sitting in the back row was really enjoyed those stops and they made the drivers alive without sleeping. Cracking jokes by ribin was one of the speciality. Rahul tried a lot to take some photos of the sign boards in the ghat road with his camera, but it was too dark, so he got only some photos like Modern art. But atlast he got one at the end.

Now after the churam, the place boys town will reach. It also is a t junction. Take a left turn from there, if you are coming from palchuram. The other road is from kuthuparamba.

And now we are in wayanadu district. One can feel the original beauty of wayanadu through this journey, for that one have to select a day time journey. It really is a replica of munnar with the road sides full of tea plantations and cold atmosphere.

After a 30 minutes drive we reached the next main town mananthavady. We stopped there, for some snacks. Road side small hotels are there. But thomas told he need something heavy. So we went for egg omlet and poori. Then kattan kappi, black coffee. In these types of trips you have to enjoy these type of local foods available.

Then again we started with rahul in the driving seat. Now the real journey to ooty starts. Because, upto this place we know the route very well. But after that, we were also in a need of helping hand. But we have some small idea about the places, and the next place we need to go was sulthan batheri. But after a half hours journey we reached to a 4 road junction, and nobody was there to help us. Actually we have to go straight to bathery. But we took a right turn and traveled for 1 km. Then we stopped there. At that time me and ribin got an idea about the GPS and google maps. I tried a lot, but gprs connection was very slow. But ribin got the exact route to batheri from Google map and we selected the straight road as i already said. His phone helped us greatly at that instant. It is straight road, in good condition. That road lead us to a another t-junction. Again the moments of confusion. But in the dark we saw a man sitting in the varandha of a shop. We don't know who he is and why he is simply siting there in the late night, but for us he was the only way. We asked him about ooty, and another place, i can't remember that name. He signed right side. We drove to that way by giving him a great thanks. Actualy it is a highway, and we want to go to batheri. Instead of that we asked another place and ooty. Thats why he told us to take right turn. Actually bathery is just 3 kms away from that place, if we took a left turn and is the right route.

After that i got connection, and ma GPS is active now. The back row stopped their cracking jokes and they are on the way to sleep... Me the co-driver is giving directions to the driver, rahul, according to my gps. And is the first time i'm using my phones gps facility for a trip like this. It really helped us in the night driving, because i can find the turns in road already and can inform the driver, so that he can drive smoothly.

At last we touched the ooty road from sulthan batheri at one point. The road was in good condition. So we maintained an average speed always...

We actually took regular stops, to avoid sleeping. I don't know how thomas gettin informed about we stopped driving, anyway he will pull ribin and jerry out, becuase he need to go for 'shoo shoo' in his words.

After a long drive for 2 or 3 hours, rahul handed over the wheels to me. Having some beautiful drive through the roads with ukali trees on both sides, we reached ooty at 4 am. Nw the next to find is a shelter for sleep. Before reachin ooty i had handed over the wheels to rahul again. The temperature indicator inside the car now indicates 14 degree C. Nobody is ready go outside to enquire about a room. At last me and jerry went out. We pressed the calling bell of a hotel. But nobody came out, we waited. At the same time one man on bike flew to us asking, u need room?" we actually surprised, and jerry told, whether we pressed the calling bell of his home?

Anyway, he explained the facilities in dat room like hot water availability, and he is ready to give an extra bed for the fifth one, without any extra money. We agreed, and he lead us to that room. We parked our car and rushed with our baggages directly to the bed. Rahul took the extra bed and we slept.

Now, the darkness gave way for another beautiful sunday. I got a really good sleep because of the whole night sleepless journey. We all woke up at 8 am and we need to leave that lodge before 10, then only we can cover more places. We one by one went for hot bath, it too really cold, and we all ready to start the journey again.

Before that ribin and rahul went for tea. After taking some snaps from the room utilizing timer of our camera, we started the journey again. We stoped in front of a malayalee hotel, and me, thomas and jerry went for tea. We ate masala dosa and egg omlet. I asked for a without tea, but he gave me a with tea.

We then directly drove to ooty gardens which is one of the beautiful places there. We reached there at 10am, parked our vehicle, and entered the gardens by taking tickets for 5rupees each and 10rupees for our camera.

We started walking through the nicely maintained pathway with both sides shaded with green grasses and with some trees and flowers. Thomas starts working with the camera. Before that all, except me bought some caps to save their beautiful head from cold. Jerry put a half dozen of shirts to save himself. But in that bulky dressing he looks so fatty and it added more style to his photos. Actually i forgot to do that , thats y I maintained my natural style. (smiling... No comments please...)

We walked nearly one hour through the gardens, enjoying the mindblowing beauty of flowers. Actually we found many people there with young couples (looks like newly married one), many boys and male groups, etc. But the main thing I saw some old families too. They were happily enjoying the variety of flowers. They were walking through the gardens without any health problems. They were actually becoming young, I think.

Anyway, after taking many snaps in mobile phone and camera we decided to go out of the gardens. Now, where to go? Me and ribin went busy with studying a map of ooty tourism displayed there. At that time rahul and thomas bought us some mango with salt and chilly. We ate those and with the help of local person, decided the next position as Pykara Dam site. Also we bought some dolls to our colleagues children, and some key chains to our friends. Thomas bought one T-shirt too.

Now to Pykara Dam site: Rahul drove the vehicle. We didn't have any good idea about the road. But we know only one thing pykara is just 11 kms away from ooty town and is in the gundalpetu road, ie the road we want to go, to sulthan batheri.

Before that we spotted another place known as boat house. Its just 5 or 6 kms away from gardens. Its a very nice place where one can enjoy the ride in train through the middle of forest and one side river. Many boats are available in 8 seater, 5 seater motor boats, pedal boats etc. Some entertainments for children like electric car etc are there. Another main attraction in this place is horse ride. Many horses of different rates are available. According to our wish the people with horses will assist us. Cycle ride is also there. Just opposite to this place one can see a nursery, where different stylish flowers and plants are displayed.

After the enjoyment there, we again started our journey. The main problem in there is parking places are very less compared to the vehicle population. Anyway Rahul managed it very well and he found a safe place for our d'Zire.

Next place to go is Pykara waterfalls and boat house there. Thomas had a great desire to go in a boat, because, he never felt before this a boat journey. But we didn't allow him to do that because of high rate. Now we started our journey, I took the control of the d'Zire. We went straight to Pykara. We were actually driving through a highway, which looks like a ghat road, full of curves and sharp bends. The road side was also full of trees and looked great. At some point we saw a Dam site, so we stopped there. We saw a river there. So we stepped out of the car. Now one man came to us and asked whether we need a group photo. Actually we are expecting that too. We took one group and single photos and he gave us those exciting photos for a considerable rate. At the same time the atmosphere changes. Its very cold there, about 13 degree C and now it started raining. All of us started running towards the car before the rain gets heavy. Now the temperature is going down. I think it touched 10 at that time. 

Now we need to travel 7 more kilometers to reach Pykara. We at last reached there and the heavy rain stopped. We had our food from a hotel there and went for site seeing. Being it was not at all a rainy season, we couldn't see any water falls there. We have to step down nearly 1 km to reach there from the highway and have to pay 2 rupees each. Spending some more times there, we step back to the road by taking some beautiful photos from there.

Now on the way just half Km away from the place, we saw another board with an left arrow. It showed 'Boat House'. For Thomas we took the left turn from highway. The road was not in a good condition, but our d'Zire, made it all simple. We parked our vehicle and went for ticket. We took an 8 seater boat and we shared the 3 seats with some Tamil friends. That boating was really a nice one, we enjoyed the 20minutes journey through water. Also we touched the boarder in water, Kerala Tamilnadu boarder. The Tamil friends were very good with shooting some comedies. 
After that boat journey Thomas was very happy, if we didn't do that, I can't even think about the sadness on Thomas face. But now all went OK.
Again we started our journey from there at 4 o'clock in the evening and we decided to reach Sulthan Batheri at 6 pm. We reached highway by rowing through the water on the road. Now rain starts again. There were some problems with our wiper, so it was really very difficult to ride our car very fast, when it raining. So even though the highway was in very good condition, we couldn't utilize that. In the middle of that journey there is another place named 'shooting spot'. Because of the heavy rain we couldn't stop there. Its a very large hill type area filled with grasslands. It is very suitable for film shooting, song sequence etc. And the pine forest on the way is also great to see.
We moved very fast and reached sulthan batheri nearly at 7pm. From there again we didn't make any stop, because we need to reach home as soon as possible. So next place was Manathavadi, and we took the right turn, after batheri, which we missed earlier. So at nearly 9 pm we reached Mananthavadi, we stopped in front of a hotel. We ordered biriyani, kada fry and lime tea. After that Rahul took the control of his car. Now the route repeats. Directly to boys town, then took right turn to Pal churam. Then the ghat road starts. Its very tough to drive in that ghat road while we are going down, because we need to be in good control with the vehicle. Also we need to be very conscious about the vehicles going up and also we have to maintain the speed limit. At last we reached Irity at 10 o'clock and reached my home at 11 sharp.

It was really a superb trip with all the 4 friends, and now I'm missing all those days and that company. This is my first travelogue, and I don't know whats wrong in this. So dear friends, I'm expecting comments to improve myself...!


കുട്ടുമണി said...

Super.. amazing travelouge...
Congrats man....

melvin said...

superb....... keep it up.....

melvin said...

superb...... keep it up.....

Sabol said...

Great Travel. I like ooty travel very much.

PVS Nambiar said...

Hi, Kuttumani, Melvin, and Sabol,thank u very much for the comments... expecting more cpmeents from u people...! alsofor the delayed publishing of ur comments...!

vrajesh said...

nice..i am following you.

KT said...

Wow ! what a detailed description of the visit and relevant information. Loved the article. The snaps do capture essence of the place. Here is our experience from our recent visit to the hill station - http://www.expressions-kt.in/2016/01/ooty-jewel-in-nilgiris-south-trip-2.html

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