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Meesapulimala|Rodo Valley| Munnar trekking Places|Anayirankal Lake-picturesque places near Munnar|Wagamon|Anamudi

Meesapulimala- one of the most beautiful and adventurous place in southern Kerala.This beautiful hilly area, surrounded by the thick forest and thick shrubs is well-known for the adventurous trekking and its own wildlife.

This place is very near to Munnar, and is one of the best place in Munnar for trekking lovers. Actually the trekking starts from a base camp known as Rhodo Valley. This place is around 15Kms away from Munnar Town, and is better to take Jeep to reach that place.the trekking includes mainly 9 hills and the very last one or the ninth one is the Meesapulimala.

The name Rodo Valley is derived from the name of a tree which is spotted widely in this area with deep red flowers and the name is Rhodendrum Trees.

As the trekking starts through the hilly area to the first two hills, it will be little bit tough. After reaching the second hill, one will get a perfect view of Suryanelli town, and the Anayirankal lake. It is picturesque place where you can spot clouds behind and very near to you, with a breeze. If you are very lucky, you can enjoy the the beauty of blue hill made by Neelakkurinji Flowers, which will blossom only once in 12 years...!

         After these 8 hills, now its the time to climb the Meesapulimala, the name comes, because, according to the local people there, the far view of this hill resembles the face of Tiger, and if you carefully looks, you also can feel the same. the Meesapulimala trekking is little bit a more tough task than the other hills, being it is considered as the second tallest peak in south India after Anamudi

        Also the top of the hill is situated in Kerala, and the border of Tamil Nadu is also at the top. One can spot Anamudi from here. Also if the mist allowes one will get a view of Kodiakanal Hills too...! Imagine at what height level, you are now...?

           In the middle of trekking one can see some tea estates, just like a green grass land under blue sky, surrounded by or touched by the white clouds... and is mainly known as the Kolukkumala, and is the highest tea estates situated at 2175m above sea level, in Asia.

         Next to go is Anayirankal lake, one of the beautiful lake situated in the valley of Meesappulimala.

Take care about what...?
      AS said already Meesappulimala is blessed with heavy vegetation, and is simply covered with forests, tall trees, and then grass lands, shrubs (always expect these shrubs which have a height more than you...!) and animals.

      If you are very lucky you can spot Elephant groups on the way. According to the local people, elephants came always in the evening time. So have to make good courage while trekking. If you spot one, take the guidance from your guide, being he is the most experienced one in those forests, and he know the animals very well. don't try to take decisions your own at this time.

         Also, chances of spotting Neelgiri Thars and small small wildlife, if you are lucky.

        Also, one have to expect sudden rains on the way, and expect a cold at below 10 degrees always. As per the local guides there the warm night temperature at Rodovalley is always below 5 degrees...!

        Also, it is better to plan a trekking with some travel agencies in Munnar. Because they will provide good food and accommodation facilities at the time of stay in the night.

How to reach there: Cochin is the nearest ariport, and then take a taxi to Munnar. the taxi charge will be nearly 1600 Rs. 
By train, the nearest railway station is also at Ernakulam. 

       After munnar, Jeeps are available, and they will take you to Rodo Valley at a rate of 800 Rs.

Accommodation: There are many places to stay in Munnar itself. And also one can stay at the Rodovalley, but for that one have to contact some travel agencies arranging the trekking in Munnar. They commonly arrange good facilities with food and tents for stay at night. 

(Actually, some name of the Travel agencies will be posted soon, in this post; Also expecting good suggestions from readers too..)

[Note: Photos posted in this post are took from another travelogue: http://usandeep.com/trekking/meesapulimala.html
and all the credits related to those photos will go to the up loader only. Thanks for the great snaps...!]
Know more about the places near to Munnar: Xploresouth/Munnar


जाट देवता (संदीप पवाँर) said...

एक से बढकर एक फ़ोटो है,
साथ में जरुरी जानकारी भी,
कुरेंजी फ़ूलों के खिलने का अगला साल कौन सा है? क्या अभी खिले हुए है?
मैं भी उन फ़ूलों को देखना चाहता हूँ।

Anonymous said...

Hey, it is really beautiful place.....I' ll definitely go there soon. I want to see rare species of butterflies and birds in Eravikulam National Park, 15 Km from Munnar.oonu

Anonymous said...

Hey, it is really beautiful place.....I' ll definitely go there soon. I want to see rare species of butterflies and birds in Eravikulam National Park, 15 Km from Munnar.oonu

PVS Nambiar said...

Thank u friends for the great comments...!

Anonymous said...

excellent narration with good information.

also thanks photo provider

franky said...

wow that's nice. I am dying want to go to Munnar. and this is great information. thanks lex :)

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