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Kakkayam Valley- kariyathan Para- an Untouched Beauty- Evergreen forest area- Hilly trekking site- Dam station in Calicut

The Kakkayam dam- Kakkayam Valley- Kariyathan Para, situated in Calicut district, 45-50kms away from the town and its noisy environment, offers the tourists not only a reservoir and its beauty but also a fantastic chance to enjoy the trekking and the scenic beauty of evergreen forest and grasslands. The main thing about this wonderful natural gift  is that, this place is still untouched by the tourists crowd and is not at all there in the tourist map of Kerala.

This reservoir comes as part of the Kuttiyadi Hydro Electric Project & is located at a height of about 2450 ft above sea level. The pen stock runs down from the dam site and goes through various tunnels and hills to the Kuttiyadi Tail race power house at Kakkayam. Water coming out of this power house joins a river and is utilized for Peruvannamoozhi Irrigation Project.
Its being a dam site, one has to pay an amount of 10 or 20 rupees to enter into the beauty. Kakkayam is really a forest area surrounded by hills, waterfalls, streams and more over it is one of the most beautiful adventurous evergreen forest area in Kerala. the journey to the Kakkayam valley if done once, will be an unforgettable in ones life time. the journey through the curved hilly roads with deep green valley in one side and part of dense forest on the other side will be a memorable one for a trek lover.
         The main attractions near this tourists place are, Kakkayam valley, Kariyathan rock (Kariyathan Mala) and Urukkuzhi Waterfalls. The Hanging Bridge over this waterfalls is another attraction here.While you starts your journey through the winding road, don't forget to find a giant tree named 'Tholaranji' in between. you can spot a name board telling the age of the tree, which claims she is about 87years old and the giant look, growth affirms it.

          Vehicles are permitted only up to the check post, being it is a protected area, from where it is a 10 minutes walk to the dam site. It was written there that you are not allowed to carry any cameras and that photography is strictly prohibited. But if you did that you are actually missing one of the great opportunities to frame the nature and its beauty, the love of water with the sand, the trees in the middle of water, the love of animals etc.

Do you ever think about the need of SLR camera...? If you come here, and if you try to frame the scenic here, you'll surely curse yourself for not buying an SLR... You never can't stop picturing the beauty here. 

          Kakkayam is also well known for its wealth of variety of plant species and animal variety. This biodiversity zone of Kakkayam is selected as one the best bio zones by the International Union of Conservation of Nature (IUCN). on the way one can spot many elephants, deers, monkeys etc. At the dam site one can spot a wide variety of butterflies and birds.


           As already said, Kakkayam is also famous for its trekking areas and facilities. The local tourist authorities like clubs of Kakkayam will give some guides and helpers to assist you and is a better place for the adventure lovers.

          Also, Kakkayam valley is famous for Film shooting. many Film songs and albums are shot here, and it is now a favorite place for the album makers.

        Just look at those snaps, whether it reminds you about Munnar or Ootty..? No, its in Calicut, just a 50 KMs away from the town. Then why a trekking to any other place, pack up and go for a drive to Kakkayam... It will be a refreshment for the children, a beautiful spot for the newly wedded couples to love, a superb spot for the mountaineering and I'm giving you ma word, that it will be one memorable trip in your life time, if you go there...

How to reach there...?

         Kakkayam is situated 50 kms away from Calicut. The dam sight and the waterfall are 14 kms away from the Kakkayam market.One can approach through Calicut- Balusseri route, Thalayad- Perambra route and from Kurachundu- Kallunode road. The nearest airport is Karipur International Airport and nearest Railway Station is Kozhikode Railway station. 

         Some photos which I selected from other personal web pages is pasted here. I'm sorry, these are not taken by me, but I can't post this without the help of some great snaps. I searched in net and got some fantastic shots, which I think are the very good explanation for the Kakkayam' s natural beauty... No need of more words, these photos or frames explains all... Oh God, I'm really thankful to you for giving me such a great shots to explain my post. Also I'm very thankful to the actual up loaders or creator of those photos. It was secured in their sites, I don know whether any problem arises. But dear creator, if you got any problem don hesitate, please do mail me. I'll surely remove those snaps...!


Anonymous said...

Really interesting and informative article, Really i like these pictures. Thanks for sharing about this beautiful place..
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Karthika Panicker said...

Wow!really beautiful..
Thanks for reminding me about the beauty of the heaven where I spent my childhood days..

reshma M said...
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Jithz said...

Which is the best time to visit? Is it OK on summar?

Jithz said...

Is it ok to visit the dam site on summary? Or should I wait for the masoons to finish?

rebeka christy said...

Thanks for sharing this nice blog..Its really nice and informative..

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Sreeraj P V said...

The real beauty of Kakkayam valley will come in monsoon time only. The water filled reservoir, green trees and valley and small drizzling. So I will suggest monsoon

kishor lal said...

is it ok for a family trip?

gejo royce said...

how is the roads and drive ?

Pran R.V said...

will it be ope in public holidays ? we plan to go there in aug 15, pls let me know rvpran@gmail.com

mythoughts said...


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