REMEMBER, Under the Wildlife Protection Act, one can be penalized up to amount of Rs. 25,000/- and an imprisonment upto seven years for the wildlife offence. Please don’t add your name in the list.

Get Your First Aid Kit, Tools Kit & a Handy Torch before starting your Trip

Marayoor-Sandalwood factory of Kerala-another hillstation for trekking-near to munnar

Marayoor, The sandalwood factory of Kerala Forest Department, is situated in Idukki District. Marayoor is a virtually rain shadow area, lying in the eastern side of the Western Ghats. Being it is just 40 kms away from Munnar, another mind blowing tourist area, on the Udumalpet road, Marayoor can be easily be visited and explored.

Marayoor -the pristine, heavenly and unexplored tourist spot is very much comparable to Munnar in every respect and has now become well known as the real beauty with adventure.

The road to Marayoor from Munnar, will offers you a panoramic view, with both sides full of lush green tea estates and the fresh mountain air from the mist covered hills are worth to steal your heart...! One can spot some occassional waterfalls, On the way. After a 37 Kms travel one can spot Sandal Wood trees, and it will lead you to the real Sandal Wood Factory of Kerala, Marayoor. It is not a simple forest, it is a Sea of Sandal Wood, actually.

The unique dolmens, caves& temples, and Neolithic period's stone coffins leads to the historical importance of this place and is found to be a part of Stone Age Civilization. Attala, Ezhuthu Guha, Kovilkadavu and Manala (all nearby villages) are famous for Rock Paintings.

The stone coffins are stone slabs resembling crudely-made boxes, resting on vertical rocks.

Apart from the historical importance, Marayoor is very much famous for the diversity of its Land. Rocky hills, scrub forests, Paddy Fields, Rivers, sugar cane fields, Waterfalls, The very rare Neelakurinji flower, sandal wood and bamboo forests are part of this diversity and is. It is the only place in Kerala having a natural growth of sandal wood Trees.


Marayoor is a virtually rain shadow area. Generally Marayoor experience a moderate climate, in winter (November to January) may go down up to 8 degrees Celsius and in summer it may go up to 36.2 degrees Celsius

The cold here is not much frigid as sunshine reaches this region even during rainy winter. But summer will be hot and humid. The plains are generally warm but the higher altitudes are cool.

Other Attractions:

Rajiv Gandhi Children’s Park: A children's park formed under the canopy of a single Banyan tree spreads across a hectare of land and is a wonderful sight. The main attraction of this park is the Banyan Tree itself, but one can spot monkeys, deer and other animals from reserve forest here.

Thoovanam Waterfalls: This breathtaking silvery waterfall is a major tourist attraction and is situated in Chinnar Wildlife sanctuary. The river Pambar, originates form Anamudi Hills- flowing through the santuary, forms this mindblowing beauty. Guided trekking is also available from Karimutti Forest Station and can enjoy the beauty of this pristine scrub forest and will get oppertunities to see wild animals and rare flora, being this forest is enriched by many rare species.

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary: This is a well-known reserve forest, recognized as a wildlife sanctuary in 1984, lies in the rain shadow region of the Western Ghats.

This sanctuary is located 18 km north of Marayoor on Udumalpett road, and Marayoor is the gateway to this sanctuary.

Rajamala, Munnar, Kanthalloor-Land of Apple Cultivation are the nearby attractions.

Mannavanchola, an evergreen rain forest, and is the largest shola forest in Kerala. This forest is very much near to Kanthalloor.

How to reach there?

Marayoor is 40 kms away from Munnar, and is 95 kms away from Idukki. The Nearest railway station is Aluva, 120 km away. Nearest airport is Cochin international airport, about 150 km away.

Many Hotels are there for accommodation purposes and one will get neat facilities with a charge ranging from 1000 and above.


#Being it is the only one place in Kerala having natural growth of Sandal wood trees, try to save them. Oppose Thefts.
#The Sancturies are Plastic banned areas. So please avoid plastics in Marayoor also, because plastics are not absorbed by soil, and also they will not allow earth to absorb water. This will effect the vegetation negatively.
#Keep Silence while trekking. Avoid White and Dark Coloured clothes.
#Smoking, liquor prohibited. Save the forest from Fire

Don't forget to eat Marayoor sharkara, which is also famous just like the marayoor Sandal wood...! Also these places are well good for the honeymoon couples, for romancing with the prestine beauty of nature, and with cool fresh air...! Happy Journey!

Note: The images above are from wikipedia and all credits will go to the actual uploaders. Thanks to the actual owner of those mindblowing shots!


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