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Ramakkal Medu-mindblowing untouched beauty-hillstation-in Idukki

Ramakkalmedu is a hill station in Idukki district, on the border between Kerala and TamilNadu. It is famous for the strong winds and is a beautiful view spot in Tamil Nadu-Kerala border, giving breathtaking views of Kambamnaadu villages in TamilNadu on one side and the villages around Kattappana in Kerala on the other side. Abundant in wind, Ramakkalmedu is the second place in Kerala where a wind energy farm is installed.

The name Ramakkalmedu is derived from Rama-kal-medu (Rama’s foot on the rock). According to the folklore, Hindu god Rama had set foot on this rock while searching for his wife Sita abducted by Ravanan.

The main attraction here is the Strong Wind and the Bird's eye view of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Another attractive thing here is the giant 40ft statue made by sculptor CB Jinan, depicting Kuravan and Kurathi (tribals).

Till recently, being a relatively unknown tourist destination, Ramakkalmedu is more peaceful and blessed with some unexplored natural beauties. Another amazing thing at this place is a very high rock, with about 300 meters in height and is facing east.

According to local experts, on a clear day one can get a good view of 6 major towns of Tamilnadu and some parts of Kerala. One can see many windmills all around the place. The windmills project is undertaken by the Government of Kerala and the total capacity of this project is 12.5 MW.

How To reach there?

Ramakkalmedu is about 20kms away from Kattappana town (the road is narrow but in good condition) and is on the Thekkady-Munnar route. If you are coming by a vehicle, which is your own no problem, just go to Puliyammala, 8kms away from kattappana. Then select a route to Thukkupalam, a place on the route to Ramakkalmedu.

At Thukkupalam one will get places for refreshment like Hotels and other facilities. From here one can see a number of Jeeps giving shuttle service to Ramakkalmedu. (The drivers of these Jeeps being very much experienced in these hill routes, one can feel the jeeps cruising-but please don't try to imitate that).

This road will end at a small junction and one can see two roads, one towards right and the other to left. A right turn will guide you up the hill to reach the official Ramakkalmedu and you can see a welcome banner by the Gramapanchaythu there. Right now there is entry fees and there is no restrictions.

Or select the left road and climb the up hill, a small trekking experience. This will lead you to a mountain high rock, which is of about 300 meters height, and is the highest part of RamakkalMedu. One can go up to the top/top most part of this rock, and is not an easy task because the winds are very strong here. But one can enjoy the scenic/most beautiful view of TamilNadu vilages from here.

The Kuravan and Kurathi statue is situated at the other side of this large rock.


*Being the winds are very strong, it is not good to go up to top most part of the Rock. If mist came, this will be very dangerous.
*Don't mingle with unknown persons here, Keep in mind that there is no authorized guides yet. If anybody comes to you, just try to avoid.
*Please don't put plastics here, AVOID PLASTICS


Anonymous said...

A bird in hand is worth two in the bush................

anita said...

Ramakkal is developed into a full blown tourist centre with 3 operational resosrts and many more coming up. Wind Haven resosrt is located at the centre of Ramakkal & Kuravan mount. Ramakkal is located between Munnar and Thekkady. One can enjoy thekkady while staying at Ramakkal.

PVS Nambiar said...

Thanx Anita, thanx for the new updates about RamakkalMedu... Expecting more comments from you...!

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