REMEMBER, Under the Wildlife Protection Act, one can be penalized up to amount of Rs. 25,000/- and an imprisonment upto seven years for the wildlife offence. Please don’t add your name in the list.

Get Your First Aid Kit, Tools Kit & a Handy Torch before starting your Trip

Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary-Beautiful Forest area in Palakkadu-very good place for Trekking

Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary is the most protected ecological piece of Anamalai Hills of Western Ghats and is situated in the Palakkad district, 135 km away from Palakkad town. This 285 sq.KM of thickly forested area, with Bamboo, Sandal wood, rose wood and teak wood, is one of the Premier Wildlife Reserves in Kerala. The sanctuary is blessed with several rivers such as Parambikkulam, Sholayar and is very much Hilly and rocky. The sanctuary also includes some lush green Grasslands.

The sanctuary offers an exotic experience of the rare fauna of Kerala. The fauna here include bonnet macaques, Nilgiri langurs, lion tailed macaques, tigers, spectacled cobras, kraits, vipers, turtles, darters, little cormorants and black eagles. Quite a few hill tribes, like the Malayars, the Kadas and the Muthuvans also live in the jungles of Parambikkulam.

Parambikulam was once home to some of south India’s finest stands of teak, most of these, however, have now been replaced by teak plantations. But there is a little remains of the original teak forest, the famous Kannimari teak tree, the largest in Asia.

What to see?

Kannimara Teak:
Kannimara teak is one of the largest living teak tree in the world. It has an amazing girth of 6.48m (it needs atleast 5 adult persons to encircle the trunk with their stretched arms) and a crown height of 48.75m It is believed to be around 400 years old.

Kannimara Teak

Parambikkulam Wildlife Santury (PWS)'s Eco-tourism package includes a Kannimara Safari,starting from Thunakadavu dam traversing through the great teak plantations covering some 6 kms to reach this magnificent teak. The Kannimara Safari vehicle will also provide an opportunity to witness the rich wildlife diversity of Parambikulam.

Tram way :
These timber lines were laid for logging in the Parambikulam forests and to transport timber to Chalakudy. The Tramway had a total length of around 49.5 miles. Truly this Tramway is called the Cochin State Forest Tramway.

After running successfully for nearly 50 years and creating history by making Cochin a present day commercial harbour and trading centre, The Cochin State Forest Tramway was abolished in 1951 on the basis of special finance committee report.

Though Cochin State Forest Tramway is an history now but one can cherish those glorious period of Cochin State Forest Tramway by witnessing some of the remnants in the form of broken iron bridges semi rusted wagons, Rail Trails, wheels, workshops, water tanks, wells etc.

Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary is running some very special eco-tourism package for those nature lovers who wishes to get connected with nature, history and heritage.

Modern Nature Interpretation Centre: The modern interprtation centre at anappadi is equipped with "state-of-art" audio visual facilities. It has interactive three dimensional models of bio-diversity hotspots, of the world, western ghat, kerala and Parambikulam wildlife sanctuary.

In the audio visual section one can come across different and interesting bio- acoustics and feel the sound of forest and wildlife.

Salim Ali Bird Interpretation Centre: The Salim Ali Bird interpretation centre at Kuriarty offers opurtunity for bird enthusiasts to learn and study the birds of Western Ghats in general.

The gallery provides a wonderful listing of birds ranging from common birds of india, birds of western ghats, birds of kerala and birds of parambikulam.

Salim Ali Gallery: The Gallery is a repository of hundreds of photographs of Dr. Salim Ali, father of Ornithology in India, ranging from his childhood.

Dolmens (Muniyara): Dolmens are the traditional cemeteries of tribal head men of Parambikulam Wildlife sanctuary. The Dolmens found in the forest of Parambikulam Sanctuary is believed to be 300 years old according the local tribes.

These Dolmens are beautifully erected with the help of flat stones and it is really an archeological marvel and traditional tribal heritage.

The PWS offers another two day Dolmen Trail Package starts from Kuriarkutty, which can offer you an opportunity to feel the different forest types varying from deciduous to evergreen to teak plantations but also on the way, one can witness the old cemeteries ie; Dolmens of ‘tribal headmen’.

Also Don't miss the Valley view Point, Dam View Point, Lake View Point, Parambikulam Dam, Thunakadavu Dam, and Karimala Gopuram.

When to Visit & How to Reach:

October – March is the best season to visit the Sanctuary.The sanctuary experiences wet tropical climate. Temperature varies from 15° C to 32° C. March is the hottest month and January the coolest.

The PWS is 95km away from Palakkad and about 100km away from Coimbatore.

The nearest town is Pollachi (Tamil Nadu), which is 39km away. As of now the only road leading to the sanctuary is the Ambrampalayam-Parambikulam road passing through places in Tamil Nadu viz., Anamalai, Vettaikaranpudur and Sethumadai including (Top Slip) Indira Gandhi Wildlife sanctuary and National Park.

There is no road directly connecting Parambikulam with the rest of Kerala without having to pass through Tamil Nadu. At present there are only two public transport bus services run by Government of Tamil Nadu, at 6.15am and 3.15pm starting from Pollachi (Tamil Nadu). Another service up to Top Slip (Tamil Nadu) starts at 11.30am from Pollachi.

Nearest Railway Stations are Palakkad (100 km) and Coimbatore (84 km).

Where to Stay:
With Well kept and hygienic rooms, Accommodation facilities are also available in the sanctuary. Tree Top huts and Tented Homes are also available here. Booking will be made on 'first-come-first-serve' basis and on availability.

For booking, contact:

Ecocare Centre,
Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary,
Anappady, Thunakadavu (PO),
Pollachi (Via), Palakkad, Kerala – 678 661.
Ph : 04253 – 245025
Email: wildlifewarden@parambikulam.org

Also PWS offers many trekking or Safaries for the visitors. For more details and booking please contact:

Wildlife Warden
Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary,
Anappady, Thunakadavu (PO),
Parambikulam – 678 661,
Palakkad Dist., Kerala State.
Ph : 04253 – 245005, Email: wildlifewarden@parambikulam.org

Keep In Mind:

*Visiting Hours: 7.00 am to 6.00 pm (Entry closes at 4 PM)
*Animal sightings are matter of chance, Be patient. Total silence and discipline enhances chances of animal sightings.
*Being this PWS is famous for its wild life, one can spot elephants or tigers on the way of trekking. So traveling alone is prohibited here. Travel as a small group.
*Respect animals and their habits, don't try to hurt them and always Give way to animals first.
*Trekkers are advised to use jungle boots to ensure safety.
*Carry a road map, first ad kit, drinking water and don't leave anything other than footprints in the jungle.
*Be careful during boat rides. Don’t do anything that will rock the boat or endanger lives. Always follow the instructions of the staffs and the Naturalists accompanying you.
*Please avoid Plastics, make this a Plastic Free zone.
REMEMBER, Under the Wildlife Protection Act, one can be penalized upto amount of Rs. 25,000/- and an imprisonment upto seven years for the wildlife offence. Please you don’t add your name in the list.

Courtsy: http://www.parambikulam.org/

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