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How to go to Wayanad from Kannur-Road Trip with detatiled Road Map-details of where to stay

KERALA is a state on the tropical Malabar Coast of southwestern India. Kerala, situated on the lush and tropical Malabar Coast, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. Named as one of the "Ten paradises of the world" and "50 places of a lifetime" by The National Geographic Traveler magazine, Kerala is especially known for its ecotourism initiatives. Its unique culture and traditions, coupled with its varied demographics, has made Kerala one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Now here this post is going to explain the entire road route or driving directions from Kannur often known as The Crown of Kerala to Wayanadu, The Land of Spices, with the help of detailed Road maps.

Actually now we are starting from Kannur. If you are visiting Kannur for the first time, you must spend much time to see and enjoy the natural beauty of Kannur. The main attraction is that major toruist destinations in Kannur are situated very much near to the Kannur Town. So to cover major Destinations, one need 2 days maximum. But if you are eager to explore the entire beauty, you must spend 3 days atleast.

Now Explore Kannur Here: Kannur

Mainly there are 4 routes to Wayanadu one can choose from Kannur.

Route 1: Kannur/Canannore-Thalassery/Telichery-Kozhikkode/Calicut-Lakkidi-Kalpetta (in Wayanadu)
Route 2: Kannur/Canannore-Kuthuparamba-Kannavam-Thokkilangaadi-Nidumpoil-Mananthavadi (in Wayanadu)
Route 3: Kannur/Canannore-Kuthuparamba-Mattannur-Iritty-Peravoor-Kottiyoor-Mananthavadi (in Wayanadu)
Route 4: Kannur/Canannore-Thalassery/Telichery-Vadakara-Kuttyadi-Mananthavadi (in Wayanadu)

Route 1: Total distance: Kannur-Kozhikkode-Kalpetta: 98+66kms: 2.30+1.30hrs=4hrs

This route is the simplest route to Wayanadu, but is the longest. Because this include only a small portion of Ghat road and the other portions are straight roads, ie not much curvy. The main draw back for this route is, you will get out of Wayanad Scenery within 10 kms. But the scenery from Thamaraserry Ghat road is Fantastic and mindblowing.

From Kannur select the NH17 to Thalassery-Kozhikkode side. This will take 2.30hrs to reach Kozhikkode by car, and the road is in good condition. But please take care of the cruising private buses. On the way there are many highway hotels at Vadakara, Payyoli, Koilandy for refreshment.

Before reaching Kozhikkode town one can take a left turn from West Hill and go towards the town. After a 5 or 6 minutes journey you can see a canal on the left side of your road. This will lead you to junction known as Eranjippalam, take a left from there. This straight road will lead you to the Wayanadu road NH212. This will take 1.5 hrs journey by car to cover this 66kms. Don't forget to enjoy the scenic beauty from the Thamarassery Ghat road.

Route 2: (Because of the bad road condition from Nidumpoil onwards, this route is now not recommended)

If you are looking for a long scenic journey just select this route. You will get more than 60kms mindblowing journey after Kuthuparamba.

To take this route first follow the NH17 from Kannur. Drive upto Thaazhe Chovva, you can see a Railway gate there. Just take the left turn before the crossing. This is the Bypass road. Now after a 3.5/4 kms journey you can see a 'T' junction with a traffic island. Go straight. You will now in a town named 'Chala'. This is an SH, and as seen in the map you just drive via Peralassery, Mambaram, then to Kuthuparamba (please refer the map). From Kuthuparamba go to Kannavam Nidumpoil road, and this will lead you to Mananthavady.

After Kuthuparamba the scenic Beauty starts, and don't forget to take intervals on beautiful places. Also try to enjoy the tastes of Wayanadu from the small hotels on the way.

Route 3: (The better Route-Good Road condition, even if it is not NH or SH-offers scenic beauty on the way-Ghat road)

Upto Kuthuparamba the routes are as same as Route 2. In route 2 we are taking a right turn to Kannavam, but here one can go to the left turn to Mattannur and then to Iritty, then to Peravoor (roads are in good condition and is SH). From Peravoor, go to Kottiyoor. But remember this road is not SH. Kottiyoor is wellknown By the name of famous Lord SHIVA Temple and this trip will be another treat for your eyes, because one can see rocky hills and green grass lands etc on the way.

By using this same Route one can go to Thirunelli, Famous temple, Papanashini, and Pakshipathalam

Route 4:

Kannur/Canannore-Thalassery/Telichery-Vadakara-Kuttyadi-Mananthavadi (in Wayanadu)

This route is not much used by travelers and thus no comments on that... Sorry.

Please don't forget to look at the given Maps to understand the routes thoroughly...


Kavvayi said...

Very good. Continue doing the good work.
Road trip to coorg from kannur would also be intresting and useful.
Of the three possible routes via 1. IRITTY 2. MANANTHAWADY.3. KANHANGAD. I have done both except no2. mananthawady.
Will be travelling via mananthawady in two days time. From chennai. Hope the roads are ok after the rains.
The roads via iritty and virajpet to coorg is good when i travelled 10 days ago.

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