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Bangalore to Wayanadu cruising trip through the wild forest's scenic beauty

The first choice of many travelers coming from outside India to South India iJustify Fulls mainly Bangalore, Cochin (Kochi) and Trivandrum (Thiruvanathapuram). In Kerala, outside travellers always chooses Cochin and Trivandrum to start with. The main reason for this is these cities have their own importance in the Tourism map of Kerala, and they are well connected with other nearby tourist destinations like Alappuzha, Idukki, etc.

Wayanadu is one of the most beautiful area or district in kerala,'The God's Own Country'. It will be a great experience if you are trying to travel to Wayanadu by road from Bangalore or kozhikkode.

Here this post is going to deal with 'how to go to Wayandu from Bangalore?'...

First of all, How you are going to travel, by bus or in a private vehicle. The answer of this question is very important.

The simplest way is to select a Kerala or karnataka State RTC bus. One should book your ticket to Sulthan Bathery, Mananthavady or Kalpatta. Both State RTC have Super fast, Sleeper A/C, luxury buses. Better you select a A/C Rajahamsa or any Sleeper coach. One can select the cheeper Super fast buses, but for the less in fair will give you a back pain, surely if your not experienced in those buses.

Now If you are going by a Car, there are mainly 3 routes to Wayanadu from Bangalore. Before starting your journey one should be very much aware of where to go and what to do, to avoid extra travel cost. Because the enroute to Wayanadu one will more interesting tourist places to enjoy the journey.

One can select the SH 17 from Bangalore to Mysore. From Mysore the 3 routes starts.
They are:
Route 1- SH 88 : Bangalore ->Mysore-> Hunsur-> Nagarhole-> Kutta-> Mananthavadi (Wayanad)
Route 2- SH 17D : Bangalore-> Mysore-> HD Kote-> Bavali-> Mananthavadi ( Wayanad)
Route 3- NH 212 : Bangalore-> Mysore-> Gundulpet-> Munthanga-> Sulthan Bathery ( Wayanad)

About Route 1:

Via SH 17 you are now in Mysore. You can avoid the rush in Mysore town by selecting the Bypass road just after the Srirangapatanam and this is the road to Brindavan Gardens and Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary. This road will joins with SH 88 just before Yelwal. Now you can drive your car as fast as you can, because SH 88 is a less traffic road than the SH 17 and is 4 lane.

Upto Hunsur one can cruise through the roads, after that the road divides into two, and a left turn will lead you to Nagarhole and then to Wayanadu. So take left turn from Hunsur. This Hunsur-Nagarhole-Kutta road is very narrow, and you must drive slowly. But after a 12kms journey, the road condition will get better, and you can enjoy the forests whisper and the remoteness. But the road is still narrower. after a small ride one can see the Karnataka State's Check post. You have to stop there, and go to the small shed, to register your vehicle number, your name, number of passengers etc. It will take only 2 or 3 minutes. After that you are free to go, and you enters Nagarhole Reserv Forest.

Here one must go slowly, even if the road is in good condition, because one can expect Humps on every few kilometers, and also can expect some wild animals crossing the road. One can see an elephant camp and safari elephants with mahouts, on the way through this forest.

Unfortunately/Fortunately, now the vehicles are allowed to pass through the forest in between 6am-6pm. Also don't try to park the vehicle anywhere in the forest area, as it would be dangerous, sometimes. Please try to drive through the permitted area for a harmless journey, and you would be safe.

If you see any elephant/Bison group crossing the road, being it is very common in this forest road, just stop your vehicle far away from them. Don't make any noise and don't let anybody to get outside the vehicle, ie don't provoke the animals. Remember this is a very lonely area/forest, and nobody will be there to help you. So wait untill the animals hide into the bushes.

After a more than 1 hrs journey u can see the end of Forest, another check post. Register there again and you are now out of the forest. After a small drive you can reach the town Kutta. Here you will get opportunities for refreshments like food toilet etc.

Take a sharp left turn from Kutta, and a short drive will lead you to Kerala. This is also a forest area. after a small drive, you will reach the entrance of Tholpetty wild life sanctuary. Enjoy the drive and a straight drive will lead you to Kattikulam, take left and drive to Mananthavadi (Wayanadu).

Now about Route 2:

This is NOT recommended for the journey, even if there is mindblowing sceneries at the entrance of Kerala State, because of the bad condition of the road. It will not be a much intersting journey for anybody because this trip may give you some back pain and etc. So i'm skipping the road.

Now Route 3:

Bangalore to Mysore follow the SH17. From Mysore one can easily get into the NH 212 road to Gundlupet. If you want to skip the city rush, just use the ring road shown in the map and enter into the Gundlupet road. Ask anybody nearby for clarification of route. The road to Nanjangud is in good condition and is 2 lane. So you can't cruise through the road, but you can. Always give more care while driving, coz you can expect some cruising BUS drivers there.

After a 25 km drive from Mysore you are now at Nanjangud. The frquent sign boards will lead you to correct place without any doubt. After 10kms you are now at Gundlupet, a small town, from where you can go to Bandipur, Masinagudi, Outty etc.

Now Gundlupet to Sulthan Bathery(50km drive), drive through the forest. Within 15 minutes drive you will reach the entrance of forest. Enjoy the sceneic beauty, but don't forget the rules, no parking, no horn etc. within an hours journey you can cross the forest.

Then you can see a small river with a bridge, and is the border of Kerala-Karnataka states. After that a series of check posts comes, like Forest Department check post, commercial tax check post, RTO check post and even a police check post.

Now you are at Sulthan Bathery, heart of Wayanadu. One will get rooms for refreshment here. The district Capital is just 10kms away for this city.

While planning a Trip to Wayanadu from Bangalore try to select a round trip like Route 1->Route 2. This will cover more places with a small cost and i recommened this route.

Here is the route map for Wayanadu District:


See this post for the new updates on this route: http://xploresouth.blogspot.in/2012/06/how-to-go-to-bangaluru-bangalore-from.html


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