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Kozhikode-another beautiful city in the Northern part of Kerala.

Kozhikode (Calicut), city located at the Malabar Coast is a beautiful city in the Northern part of Kerala. This district with serene beaches, emerald green countryside, and historic sites is set with the Arabian Sea on the west and the Wayanad hills on the east. The most important region of Malabar in earlier times, Kozhikode was the capital of the powerful Zamorins and a major trade and commerce center as well.

The city has a large number of tourist attractions which include places of worship, beaches, backwaters, waterfalls and museums.

Backwater of Kozhikode:
Unexplored and unspoiled are the backwaters of Kozhikode, which holds great promises of enchanting holiday options. Elathur, the canal and the River Kallai are favourite haunts for boating. Kadlundi, with its beautiful bird sanctuary is a charming site. Korapuzha, the venue of the Korapuzha Jalotsavam is fast becoming a popular water sport destination.

The backwaters are a network of lakes, canals and estuaries and deltas of forty-four rivers that drain into the Arabian Sea. These are a unique feature of the state and is not found anywhere in the world. They are a self supporting ecosystem which connect villages together and are used for local transport. Other important tourist attractions in the city include the following.

Badagara (Commercial Centre) :
situated in 48 kms away from Kozhikode, Badagara is famous for Kalaripayattu, which is a flourishing, and great commercial centre of martial arts. Badagara is also famous for being the birthplace of Thacholi Othanan, the hero of the ballads of North Malabar.

Kappakkadavu Beach:
It is one of the most attractive beaches in the city and has taken an important place in the history of the world. It is in this beach that the Portuguese Navigator Vasco Da Gama landed on 27th May 1498, with 170 men in three vessels, on his discovery of the sea route from Europe to India. This beach is also known as Kappad Beach and is only 16 km from the railway station. An interesting feature of the landscape is the sprawling rock that protrudes into the sea. The ancient temple on the rock is believed to be 800 years old. The Kappad beach resort is one of the leading centers for Ayurvedic Health Holiday in Kerala.

Krishna Menon Museum:
The Krishna Menon Museum has a section in honour of the great Indian V.K. Krishna Menon, whose personal belongings and souvenirs gifted to this world leader are exhibited here.

Regional Science Centre:
This is where the planetarium and the Science park of Kozhikode is located. The Science Park displays huge working models of bisects that are immensely popular with children. For adults, the park provides shady areas to rest and enjoy cool breezes. The Planetarium begins its show every day at 2, 4 and 6 pm.

Pazhassiraja Museum:
It is a beautiful museum under the State Archaeological Department and consists of ancient coins, models of temples, mural paintings, antique bronzes, dolmenoid cists and other items of archeological importance. There is a beautiful art gallery adjacent to the museum which displays paintings of renowned artists from Kerala.

10 kms South of Kozhikode, located at the mouth of the River Chaliyar is Beypore, a small coastal town and boat building industry which was for centuries, one of the prominent port and fishing harbours of ancient Kerala.

It was much sought after, by merchants of Western Asia for its boat building industry and even today, Beypore is still a favourite destination among Arabs, shopping for large boats. The boat-building yard here is also very famous today for its country crafts called 'Uru' built by traditional boat builders, known as Khalasis.

Dolphin's Point:
Here one can see in the early hours of the morning dolphins playing in the sea. The beach, 2kms from Kozhikode town center is a along stretch of tree lined sand, popular with the local people because of the lions club park, the lighthouse and the two piers. People love taking long walks here in the evenings, because of the lovely evening breeze.

Thikkoti Lighthouse:
22kms from Kozhikode is the lighthouse, which overlooks Velliyamkallu, the rock much dreaded by navigators, off Moodadi coast, which was built after a ship, wreck and the remains of which can still be seen here. The Velliyamkallu rock is the transit home of migratory birds.

Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary:
This sanctuary is the home to about 100 species of resident and 60 species of migratory birds. The sanctuary is surrounded by hillocks and spreads over an area of 3 km at an altitude of 200m above sea level. The ideal season to visit this sanctuary is between December and April.

The Thali Temple:
This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is an ancient temple dating back to the Zamorin rule. This temple was destroyed by Tipu Sultan and Hyder Ali. However the temple was renovated in the 18th Century and includes shrines of Ganapati, Narasimha and Saasta.

Thalassery and Sultan Bathery (Trading Centre):
These are important trading centers of Kozhikode. The road from Kozhikode to Sultan Batthery (98kms) through a full of steep climbs and hairpin curves, offers breath taking scenic drive. From Sultan Batthery, it is only 6hours to Bangalore.

Though Tusharagiri is located near Vythiri in Wayanad. It is famous for trekking tracks from Kozhikode. It is around 50 kms from Kozhikode. It is a one day trekking through this pristine, evergreen dense forests populated with exotic brids and wild animals to reach Vythiri by evening. Thusharagiri is a little tribal tourist spot in Kerala. Tow streams originating from the Western Ghats meet here to form the River Challipuzha. The river diverges into three waterfalls, creating a snowy spray, which gives the name 'Thusharagiri' which means 'snowy peak'. A 5km trek upstream will take one to the stream's origin. Of the three waterfalls, the highest is the Thenpara that drops 75 metres below.

Peruvannamuzhi Dam:
60kms from Kozhikode, the Peruvannamuzhi dam site, set amide hills is a beautiful picnic spot. The reservoir hence provided facilities for speedboat and rowboat cruises. Inhabited islands, a bird sanctuary and a crocodile farm add to the charm of the place.

Manachira Maidan (Palace):
The palace tank of King Vikrama is an architectural splendor. The musical fountain inside the maidan and meticulously landscaped lawns surrounded by traditional Kerala style architectural buildings are a fascination for visitors.

Root map of kozhikode city. Please click on the image for a larger view.

Vellarimala in the hilly reaches of Kozhikode district is a pristine place, not crowded by tourists. The place is ideal for relaxing, taking your spirits through the meandering natural beauties from dawn to dusk. The Kanjirapuzha, tributary of the River Chaliyar, takes a winding path through rocky terrain, forming attractive waterfalls at many points. One can undertake an adventurous trekking trip
and reach Chandakkunnu near Nilambur in Mallapuram district, where the Kanjirapuzha joins the Chaliyar.

How to reach there:
Kozhokode is very well connected to all other important places, such as Sultan Bathery, Thrissur, Bangalore, kannur-Mangalore, etc by road and rail. Air service is available from Kozhikode to all other countries and to major airports in Kerala.


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