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Thusharagiri waterfalls| group of waterfalls| Kozhikkode| 1 day trekking| enroute to wayanadu| hillstation

Thusharagiri (mist capped peaks), where the land and water have struck an extraordinary kinship. Lying 50kms east of Kozhikode, Thusharagiri is a little tribal tourist spot in Kerala.
The three waterfalls on the backdrop of the Western Ghats provide an exhilarating and spellbinding sight to the visitor. Two streams originating from the Western Ghats meet here to form the Chalippuzha River. This river diverges into three waterfalls creating a snowy spray, which gives the name, "Thusharagiri". The waterfall with its gentle spray is sure to soothe every eye. A 5km trek upstream will take one to the stream's origin.
Thenpara is the highest of these three waterfalls and it falls from an altitude of 75 meters approx.
The best roar of these three waterfalls can be enjoyed from September to November. Actually there are five waterfalls. Three of them are situated closely. But the other two are 5Km away from this place, and are not opened to visitors, sometimes, because there is chance of wild animal's attack.

[DSC00231.jpg] [DSC00242.jpg][IMG_1312.jpg]

The place is also ideal for trekking androck-climbing. Situated at Kodencherry in Kozhikode district, The plantation destination that abounds in rubber, arecanut, pepper, ginger and spices, is also a trekker's delight.
The place offers challenging trekking and rock-climbing through river path and numerous waterfalls. There is another dam at 60 km from Calicut. It is a place of beauty, calm, and serenity. The place has a crocodile farm run by the state forest department.
At Thusharagiri, the first waterfalls to see is Eerattumukku Waterfalls. A hanging bridge across this waterfalls, allows visitors to enjoy the beauty standing very near and in front of waterfalls. This is the most secured area in Thusharagiri to take a super bath.

Next waterfall is Mazhavilchattam (Rainbow Fall). It is nearly 500 mtrs above the first one. To reach there a small trekking is needed. But the roots of large trees and small rocks will give help here. One can use those as steps to climb the small steep hill. In shiny days, the waterfalls and sun rays generates the feel of rainbow here, that is why this falls got that name. 

Next to see is Thumpithullumpara, it is 1 km away from the second fall. This trekking is little bit interesting, because one need to walk or climb through the river. The main problem is, one have to consider the force of water/river coming down. Small rocks beneath the river will help you for safe footsteps, but it may be slippery. This fall is the best one of these three.

For those who wish to do a bath here, Thumpithullumpara is the best area. All sides covered by rocks, this nature created swimming pool offers a chance for cool bath inside the forest. Those who don't know swimming can also take a bath here, without any problem.

The same route can be used to climb down, but it will be risky, because one need to walk with the flow. Another way is there, which will lead to Thonikkayam area. But now, reaching this place is restricted to those who take the special package. That is without a guide, going to this area is difficult. Nearly 1 km trekking through the forest is needed to reach this place.

Thonikkayam is a wide pool type area surrounded by black rocks, and is very deep too. One should take care while taking bath here. Good swimmers only can take bath from here. Another attraction here is Thaannimuthassi- a very old Thanni tree. With hollow inside one can get into it.

Then climb down to Earattumukku, then to to your vehicle.

Keep in Mind:

As already said, thusharagiri is a group of waterfalls, and small trekking is needed to reach every waterfall. So it is better to keep some food with you because, you will be inside the forest from morning to evening, and you won't get any food items inside the forest. 

At Thusharagiri two hotels are there, one is DTPC hotel and another is hotel 'Variety Food'. Better one have to take food from this hotel ownered by John (Johnettan...!). One will get all village foods from here, rabbit fry, rabbit curry, flying duck, duck, kaada, turkey, beaf, fish, are some of the variety in curries. One will get NADAN PUTTU too. Kappa fry is also available here.

Don't forget to have these tastes...!
  • This is a plastic restricted area
  • Give respect to your guide's words
  • Routes may be slippery, be safe while walking and climbing
  • Don't try to swim, if you are not good in swimming. Select secured places for that
Other attractions:
Edakkal Caves, Situated on Ambukuthi Hills, 10 kilometers from Sultanbathery, in Wayanad district, Pookot Lake (25kms), located half way from Calicut half an hour ahead of Kalpetta, Thali Temple, Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary are very near to Thusharagiri.
Also Thusharagiri is very calm and highly unpolluted area, which is far far away from the city traffic. One can breath fresh air here, which brings you a happy mind...
How to reach there:
Thusharagiri is situated just 11 Km away from Kodenchery, Kozhikkode district. This place is well connected to Kozhikkode and Wayanadu districts by roads. KSRTC provides bus services to this route.
Nearest railway station is Calicut rly. station.
Nearest airport: Karippur, Kozhikkode.
BSNL network has a very good network coverage even at the top of this hill.

For Accomodation in Thusharagiri:
Hotel Thushara Kodenchery- 0495-2236909
Honey Rock resort-Tree House- 08086442570

For queries related to the route and accommodation contact: sreerajpv@gmail.com

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D.Deepu said...

I read ur blog ,It is nice & informative ,I would like to visit Thusharagiri waterfalls.can u tell me the routs to that spot ,u mentioned it is wel connected by road ,is it State highway or trekk route.

Thanking you

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