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Ranipuram-A pristine hill station| Kannur- Kasargod| Hillstation|

Ranipuram is a small place located within Kasargode district. Ranipuram, formerly known as Madathumala, is an idyllic hill station in Kerala. Lying 750 m above sea level, the place is famous for its trekking trails and varied vegetation-evergreen shoal woods, monsoon forests and grasslands. The extensive forests of Ranipuram merge with the forests of Karnataka.
A grassy hill in Ranipuram

Presently Marathis form a good number of the local population, probably the remnants of an earlier settlement from the north.

The mighty velvety green mountains of the Western Ghats, the emerald tinged shola woods and the rolling grass lands, etc are the beauty of Ranipuram. Thus this is a paradise for nature Photographers.

This pretty strip of land is famous for enticing trekking trails. Its sprawling thick wooded forest lands merge with those in Karnataka and forms an elephant corridor between Kerala and Karnataka. Wild elephants can be seen roaming in the wilderness on mountain tops.

There are two trekking routes available through the South Western Ghats moist deciduous forests. Part of the way the climb is assisted by cut steps. The ambiance of the forest trail is remarkable and once you reach the "Mani" (grass covered hilltop) the view is superb. The undulating cloud-topped hills stretch up to the plains and ocean on the horizon.

This is an unexplored territory for the nature enthusiast and birdwatcher. Butterflies are in abundance and birds of the evergreen biotope like the black eagle,crested serpent eagle and little spider hunter common. Elephants pay visits in the summer months and leopards have been sighted in the not-too-distant past.

Ranipuram Biodiversity / National park (Proposed):
The Ranipuram forest should be declared as a wild life sanctuary by Kerala forest department to merge with borders of Thalakavery wild life sanctuary in Karnataka. The proposed Ranipuram Biodiversity/National park consists of various Flora and Fauna which are endemic to Western ghat and yet to studied biodiversity hot spot.

The evergreen and shoal forest seen only here in this district. Elephants, Leaopard, wild dogs, Deer, wild boar, macaques, jungle cats, Leopard cats slender loris, porcupine, malabar giant squirrels, Malabar civet cat and rare butterflies and medicinal plants are found in these forest. Most of these highly endangered animals are killed by people due to lack of conservational awareness or to protect their crops.

The biodiversity of Ranipuran includes:

Flora': Evergreen monsoon forest, shola, orchids, medicinal plants,grass lands etc
Mammals: about 24 species mainly Elephants, wild bison, Leopard, wild dogs, mongoose, pangolin,, Jungle cats, Malabar giant squirrels, Flying squirrels, fox, porcupine, bonnet macaques, Languor, Leopard cats, Deer, wild boar, slender loris, hares, squirrels, bats etc..
Birds: About 200 species mainly Great Indian horn bill, Paradise flying catcher, green bar bet, peacock, Trojan, wood pigeon, Malabar Grey horn bill, white bellied tree pie, heart spotted wood pecker etc...
Reptails: King cobra, Kraits, viper, rat snakes, Indian cobras, green whip snakes, monitor lizards etc..
Amphibians: About 19 species, Thousands of insects and spiders
About 100 species of butterflies including sword tail, forest nymph, Malabar bird wing etc...

Reaching there:
Ranipuram is about 85 km from Kasaragod town. Jeep services to Ranipuram are readily available from Panathady, linked to Kanhangad by frequent bus services.

Nearest railway station: Kasaragod, about 85 km from Ranipuram, on the Kozhikode-Mangalore-Mumbai route.

Nearest airports: Mangalore, about 50 km from Kasaragod; Karipur International Airport, Kozhikode, about 200 km from Kasaragod.

To see a 9 minute video about Ranipuram click here
For the Tourism & Route map of Kasargod click here
Ranipuram is around 50Km away from Bhagamandala near Talacauvery.


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