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Thaliparamba-- another beautiful place

The present Taliparamba municipality and nearby areas was called 'Perinchalloor Gramam' in olden times.It stretches from the coastal area of Ramanthali to Nuchiyard and Vayathur villages, touching the Karnataka border.Taliparamba is a small town, but the undulating hills that surround this little town make it exceptionally beautiful. The surrounding villages of Pattuvam, Kuttikkol and Karimbam are filled with lush green fields and little rolling hills. The rivers of Kuppam and Valapattanam surround the towns from all sides and the Arabian sea is only 14 kilometres to the western side. The hanging bridge at Kuttiyeri and the beautiful riverside temple at Parassinikkadavu attaract a large number of toruists.

It has a rich heritage of art and culture. People are engaged in traditional occupations like agriculture, handlooms, handicrafts etc. The handloom dhothies of 'Pookoth Theru' and clay pots of 'Trichambaram' are famous. The people belongs to Hindu, Muslim and Christian religions. The major festival is the 'Trichambaram Temple Utsavam' which is being held from the Kumbam 22 to Meenam 6 according to the malayalam calender (March 6-20 approx). The 'Meenam 7th Fair' was very famous where a a large number of vendors participate and people used to buy most of the utensils and other items for the whole year in olden times.

Perinchelloor Gramam has been referred in the Tamil book "Pathittupathu",Chelloor Nadhodaym Chambu (Sanskrit), Kerala Pazhama,Kerala Mahatmyam,Jambukolpathi,Kokila Sandesam, Keralolpathi and many more. Between A.D.216 and 333 Perinchelloor was the capital of Perumakkans as referred in "Pathittupath". Perinchelloor is also known as Lakshmipuram, "Abode of Laskhmidevi", Goddess of Wealth.

Perinchelloor Gramam is today famous as Taliparamba. The famous dieties in Taliparamba, also known as Lakshmipuram or Perinchelloor are – Rajarajeswaran at Taliparamba , Sri Krishna at Trichambaram, Vaidyanatha at Kanhirangad and Balabhadra Swamy at Mazhoor.

Raja Rajeswara Temple at Perinchelloor Gramam is the most important amongst the 108 Siva Temples.Raja Rajeswaran is the God of all Gods.

On the North Kuppam River and on the South Valapattanam River is the Boundaries.Later in the 14th century Sivangal set the gramam boundary as 7 miles from the temple. Namboodiri families within this boundary are called "Thattummal" and families outside the boundary are called "Cherimmal". Only the eledest memebr of ech family in the "Thattummal" has the right to become the member of the temple management committe.

Due to Tippus attacks and recent social changes many historical manuscripts were either destroyed or lost.

Udayagiri is a small beautiful village in Thaliparamba taluk.It is about 60km from Kannur city. People of this village mainly depend on agriculture for their income. The villagers of this hamlet migrated from southern parts of Kerala in the early 1940s, most of them from Kottayam and Ernakulam district.

Kuppam is a small village in taliparamba.Like most other places of Kerala, Kuppam is situated in the valley of Sahya Mountain. Kuppam is about 25 km east from Arabian Sea.During 1960s and 1970s this village was a famous commercial center of spices.

Kupam got its name from the Kuppam river, one of the famous rivers of Kerala, which originates from the hilly area of western Kanrnataka. It flows into the Arabian Sea.

Once, Kuppam River was the only way to travel into the hilly areas of Kannur district. But after the construction of Kuppam Bridge, passenger boats almost disappeared.Kuppam Bridge was built in 1958 with British construction methods, which consists of 5 huge arches each side. The bridge is attractive for its construction style.

Mukkunnu is a beautiful village in Pariyaram Panchayathu, Taliparamba. It is blessed with an exquisite natural beauty coupled with a rich cultural heritage. The melodious drift of the Kuppam river, with the coconut lagoons and paddy fields, offers a breath-taking landscape, a rarity in the industrial environs of these days.

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