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Paithalmala---an enchanting hill station

Paithalmala (Pi-thal-ma-la) is an enchanting hill station in North Kerala (India) in the Western Ghats near Kerala-Karnataka border. Standing as tall as about 4,500 feet (1372metres) above sea level, it is located about 65 kms north-east of Kannur (Canannore) city and 35 kms east of Thaliparamba. North of Paithalmala is the Kudaku forest.

These huge mountains lay spread over 500 acres of land enriched with dense forest. The easiest access to the summit is from a place called “Kappimala”. One can go by bus up to Kappimala (kaappi-mala) and then a bumpy jeep ride of two kilometers through the "muttatham-vayal" mountain till the forest border at "Manja-pullu". A two (2) km trekking through the forest will then take you to the summit.

The peak offers a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains beneath it. It is also a haven for a wide variety of rare flora and fauna. Paithalmala is an ideal spot for adventure tourism as well. There are not many such fascinating hill stations in the region. It is believed that the name 'Paithal' (meaning an infant) has connection with the 'Paithalkon' dynasty of Malabar.

Trekking is much easier during summer (January - May). Most visitors climb the summit during this period.
However the peak and its surroundings are in it's full splendor during monsoon (raining season June - October). You can experience the wild life in all its glory. But one should be careful about the slippery trail, thick fog that might blind you anytime, and the wild elephants and leeches that are out in the forest during monsoon. Wearing knee-high rubber boots may help ward off the leeches; but the elephants... you have to really watch out! Does it sound adventurous?
The whole area is free of leeches during summer and the short winter (November - December) period.

Places to see near Paithalmala:

Kappimala is a beautiful and serene agriculture village located at the valley of Paithalmala. Migration to Kappimala started in early 1950s. It is much easier (2kms) to access the paithalmala summit from Kappimala.
multidisciplinary coconut farm at Kappimala
On the way one can visit a rubber plantation or a multidisciplinary farm consisting of livestock and crops such as coconut, arecanut, coco, vanilla, pepper, coffee, etc. In olden times Kappimala was inhibited by tribal people.


Kudianmala -also spelt Kudiyanmala- is another agriculture village in the Paithalmala valley. The summit is about 6kms from this place.
Rubber Plantation at Kappimala
The migration to this place started during 1950s. Even before that there were inhabitants here.

Cheekkadu Unni-Misiha Church:

The cheekkadu church, established in 2003 in the name of infant Jesus (unni-misiha), attracts large number of devotees from in and around Kappimala, especially on Fridays to attend the special mass and novena. It is situated about 4 kms from Kappimala.

Arangam Temple:

Arangam Sri Mahadevar temple is one of the oldest Siva temple in the region. It is situated at Alakode about 8 kms from Kappimala.

Pazhassi Dam:

This dam site is at Mattannur, 11 kms away from the birth place of Pazhassi Raja and 37 kms away from Kannur. The dam site is across the Kuyilurpuzha. Boating facilities are available.


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