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Iritty- small but fair town... connecting Coorg to kerala

Iritty, small but fair town in 'God's Own Country'. Located in the North-East part of Kannur district - Kerala; surrounding green hills, valleys, flowing streams and pure rivers transforms this beautiful hill side town to a picturesque back ground.

Though all facilities of transportations are available with well-connected roads to Kannur(Canannore), Thalassery, Thalipparamba or with the interstate highway which connects Thalassery and Kodagu (Coorg) at Iritty the panoramic beauty is still untainted.The present Highway originally was called TC (Thalassery - Coorg) Road by the British. This is further keeps Mysore and Bangalore closer with Iritty.

The town is the main market place for the farmer communities in the surrounding regions. The main economy is still depending on the old and pure form of business and culture, agriculture.

Name comes from....
This land was nourished by two main rivers, one Barapuzha and Bavalipuzha. People started calling both rivers confluence as Iratta puzha (Double puzha), and in course of time the land became Iritty ...

This is same with the culture of India and prominent style of Kerala that Hindu, Muslim and Christian live together like families in a small village. The Christians are Migrants from Travancore (from the present Trivandrum to near center Kerala) and Cochin -Trichur regions. They decided to stay in this silent valley before and the early stage of Indian Independence from the British (1940's).

Other communities are descendants of the local and primitive people occupied in the forest or in the farm lands. 'Paniyas' are the hill tribes. Before Indian independence they lived in forests collecting fruits and roots. They had their own culture.

They don't have the habit of cultivation . They used a certain dialects as their language. Their dwellings were cages and small cottages. Another group 'Karimbalas' used to live in colonies; making small houses, using bows and arrows. They have a unique skill of collecting forest honey from the deadly bees without disturbing them.


Bavali River:
Originates from the northern slopes of Brahmagiri forests of Karnataka and reaches Ambayathode after flowing 20 km. Further it flows through the Kottiyur Reserve forest and Aralam Wilidlife Sanctuary. (There is no connection between this stream and the Bavali River in Wynad district except similarity in name ). Chekuthan thode from Valad in Wynad, joins with Sreelankan thode and becomes Ambayathode , then Ambayathode merges with Bavali.

Aralam River:
Starts from the Kottappuram mala in Karnataka, and flows 20 km through Aralam wild life sanctuary to reach Ayyappankavu, where Aralam River meets Bavali. It is when Aralam River joins Bavali, becomes the wider and deeper Iritty River.

Other major stream of Iritty river is Veni River ( Barapuzha - Vallithode river ). That starts from Makkuttam - forest and one branch coming from Karnataka forest through Peratta that joins at Koottupuzha to form Vallithode river. She meets Aralam-Bavali river at Vattiyara near Iritty. From this confluence, they flow 8 km towards west to reach the Kuyilur Barrage of Pazhassi Dam ( Pazhassi-Irrigation Project )and flows uninterrupted during monsoon season.

Places to see....

Pazhassi Dam:
An ideal retreat for tourists, the dam site is famous for its scenic beauty. The District Tourism Promotion Council boats are available to navigate through the river enjoying the silent beauty of Pazhassi dam. It is the only reservoir with gardens in Kannur district. The garden is a good attraction with sculptures. The added attractions of the place are the gardens and children's park. The Buddha's mountain at Pazhassi and the sculpture of Pazhassi King are visual delights.

The Aralam Wildlife sanctuary:
The Aralam Wildlife sanctuary is spread over 55 square kilometers of undulating forested highlands on the slopes of the Western Ghats. The sanctuary adjoins the Central state Farm at Aralam. The highest peak here - Katti Betta - rises to a majestic 1145 m above sea level. Ideal for trekking; Covered with tropical and semi evergreen forests, the Aralam Sanctuary is home to a vast variety of flora and fauna endemic to the Western Ghats. Herds of deer, elephant, boar and bison are common sights

The Aralam farm:
The sanctuary adjoins the State Govt: Farm. The State Government has bought 3060 hectare Aralam farm from the State Farming Corporation of India. Half of the land provided for adivasis in Wayanad & Kannur district..

Iritty Bridge:
Iritty bridge was constructed in 1933 and is one of the oldest bridges in Malabar . The previous bridge was built in 1887 near the present bridge by British. E.H. Stewart , one of the bridge engineers in British India, is the man behind this Iron.

Iritty has a humid climate with an oppressive hot season from March to the end of May. This is followed by the South-West monsoon which continues till the end of September. The rainfall during July is very heavy and receives 68% of the annual rainfall during this season.
October and November is the retreating monsoon season. During the months of April and May, the mean daily maximum temperature is about 35 °C. Temperature is low in December and January months and the minimum temperature is about 20 °C. ( On certain days the night temperature may go down to 12-14 °C, although this is extremely rare.).

Kottiyoor temple, paithal mala, Kanjirakkolley, Valliyaad are very near to iritty.
To know more about Iritty and to download the superb sceneries of Iritty please click here

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